Download TWRP 3.6.2_9-0 for Oukitel WP1 and Root using Magisk

The wait is finally over for Oukitel WP1 users. TWRP 3.6.2_9-0 Recovery has been released for Oukitel WP1. All credit goes to developer chankruze for developing this TWRP V3.6.2 Recovery. You can download it from Team Win official website. brings the proper rooting information for Oukitel WP1 users. The good news is that you can root your device after installing TWRP V3.6.2 Recovery using Magisk. Now you can download and install TWRP V3.6.2 Recovery on Oukitel WP1. Root process will remove the factory restrictions of your phone. You can use your device in a better way after rooting it.

After installing TWRP V3.6.2, you can put Oukitel WP1 into recovery mode. You can install custom ROM on your Android device after entering recovery mode. TWRP V3.6.2 not only allows you to install ROM, but also allows you to install Magisk on your Oukitel WP1. You can enjoy root on your Android device after installing Magisk. You can also do various other things in recovery mode. Taking back up of Oukitel WP1 system image is an important task. You can use TWRP V3.6.2 to back up the current system image of your Android device. You must download TWRP 3.6.2_9-0 for Oukitel Mix 2.

Turn off your Oukitel WP1, then you have to press Volume button and Power button to enter into recovery mode. You have to press these buttons at the same time on your phone to enter into recovery mode. Oukitel WP1 users can now taste many unofficial custom ROMs. You must know the process of installing TWRP V3.6.2. After entering your device into fastboot mode, you can install TWRP V3.6.2. You can download TWRP 3.6.2 for Oukitel WP1 from Team Win official website.

You have to put Oukitel WP1 into fastboot mode. Then, you can install TWRP V3.6.2. You have to install platform-tools on your PC, then open a command prompt and type “adb reboot bootloader” to put Oukitel WP1 into fastboot mode. Don’t forget to put TWRP V3.6.2 inside platform-tools folder after renaming its file name to twrp.img. In order to install TWRP V3.6.2 on Oukitel WP1, you have to type “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img”. After installing TWRP, you have to type “fastboot reboot” to restart your phone. You must subscribe by entering your email address to get more news.

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